Papa Frank's Woodworking
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I have been making pens since 2003 when my wife bought me a Delta Midi lathe and I shortly thereafter took a class at Woodcraft.

The top two pictures of some of my early attempts at pen making.



This picture is my latest using a 30-06 shell.  The shell was fired by my younger daughter's friend.  Her future husband took her out target shooting and she hit a bottle at 200 years on the first shot. His eyes supposedly almost burst out of his head.  My daughter retrieved the shell and allowed me to make this pen which was presented to her friend.

Bellet Pen
Bullet Pencil Don't be fooled because this uses a bullet casing - it's a pencil!
In this case, it's a 30-06 casing my younger son sent me.

I believe this to be the very first bullet pencil ever made.  I wrote an article for Woodturning Design describing how I made it.

This pencil has a fine balance that feels right to me.