Mama Lynnie's Quilting
Frank's Quillow
Frank's Quillow

This is a quillow that Mary Lynn made for Frank.

It is show in two configurations:

The first one is with the quillow unfolded showing the back (the solid blue) and the front (the seascape) folded over for display.

The second view shows the quillow folded up and tucked inside the pillow pocket.  In this configuration the quillow functions as a pillow.

Frank usually has it unfolded and tucks his feet into the pillow pocket of the quillow.  The quillow then functions as a very comfortable personal quilt.

Frank's Quillow folded
David and Emily's Quillow David and Emily's Quillow

Mary Lynn will frequently make a quillow for a couple when they get married.  This one was for her nephew David and his wife Emily.
Janet and Steve's Quillow Janet and Steve's Quillow

Tim and Shayna's Quillow Tim and Shayna's Quillow

Shayna likes butterflies.

These three quillows are shown below folded up into pillows.
Three quillows