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Giraffe Bank
Giraffe Bank

I have made a couple of banks for kids I know.  Mostly, I like banks that are cute.

The giraffe is a project from WOOD magazine that I made for my grandson Will as a Christmas present that was delivered in January. ("Money-Hungry Giraffe,". WOOD, Issue 158, October 2004, page 74).

This is an interesting project because it's entirely made out of MDF.  MDF is not hard to work with but you do need to be aware that it does has its quirks.
For one thing, it soaks up paint like a sponge.  I learned that putting a coat of shellac on first helped in getting a good, even coat of paint .

Unfortunately, this bank suffered total destruction when my younger grandson decided to climb up the dresser it was on and the bank fell to the floor.  Essentially, all the legs broke off and the body developed splits.
Lion Bank

I made this lion bank for my grandson Will for his 7th birthday.  The giraffe bank shattered when it was dropped from his dresser.

The design comes from "Wooden Banks You Can Make"  by Harvey E. Helm.

The coin slot  I picked up several years ago - it plays "Teddy Bear Picnic" whenever a coin is dropped in the slot.

I used pine for its color.
Lion Bank