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Will's Crib

Will's Crib

Before my first grandchild, Will, was born, I knew that I wanted to build a cradle or a crib for him.  My wife and daughter both vetoed a cradle as not being very useful for long.  So it was a crib.

I got the hardware from Rockler and did some research on the web about requirements for cribs.  The Consumer Product Safety Commission has guide lines for the design and construction of cribs and I made sure to follow them.  I also wanted the crib to be in the Mission or Arts and Crafts style.

The result is shown to the left - the top picture is a view from the side and the next picture down is a view of the end panel.

This crib has survived Will and his brother Josh with only one insert having to be reglued in place and one side rail coming loose which I reglued. It went on to also serve their younger brother, Evan.

I have also built two similiar cribs for my younger daughter because she had two children nearly a year apart and a similiar crib for my younger son's family which has survived four children with one more coming.

Will's Crib 2