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Library Chair
Library Chair as a chair

Early in my woodworking career, I made this library chair for my wife.  My wife is 5 feet tall, so I'm always having to reach for things that she can't reach.  Hence, this chair to solve her problem.  She actually uses it occasionally.

It's made from pine with walnut plugs to hide the screws.

I made the design from a picture I saw of a library chair.

If you look closely in the bottom picture in the back left corner of the wide step, you'll see the penny I embedded to date the piece.  I got the idea of putting a penny in a 3/4" hole that's approximately 1/8" deep from Jim Heavey of WOOD magazine.  I have done that with every piece of furniture or gift that I can do it with.  The recipents think it's really neat.

LIbrary chair as a step stool