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Kangaroo Pull Toy



This kangaroo pull toy was from a plan by Shopsmith.  Their Hands On! electronic magazine is a great source of plans.  They have at least three in each issue - a major project, a minor project and a moneymaker.

I'm always collecting plans and patterns.  I now have thousands - more than I'll ever be able to build.  But I keep collecting them because you never know when someone will need a plan that you thought no one would ever want!

Christmas 2000 Toys Christmas 2000

Here's a collection of the toys & trivets I made to give to relatives in 2000.

The train pattern came from a train that has been in my wife's family since the late 1940's.  We inherited the train and one night I was staring at the mess left by some visitor's kids and said to myself, "I could duplicate that!"  So I did and gave the trains to nieces for their children.

Christmas 2008

Dragon - 35" x 12" (design from Wood Magazine - Mr. Wiggles) - For my grandson Sam, age one.  I made a dinosaur of similar construction for my oldest grandson when he was one.

Unfortuantely, both designs had a flaw - my grandsons were able to tear the heads and tails off quite quickly.

Dragon head shot Dragon