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Dinosaur Puzzles
Dinosaur Puzzles

These are simple puzzles for 3-4 year olds.  I used poplar and no finish in case someone decided they would be good to chew on.

Early dinosaur puzzle
Dinosaur Diahrama
This diahrama was a gift for my oldest grandson for Christmas 2007.  I got the pattern from Dinosaur Puzzles for the Scroll Saw: 30 Amazing Patterns for Kids of All Ages by Judy Peterson.  I have made many of the dinosaur puzzles from this book - kids love the puzzles.
The wood is hickory left over from the kitchen remodeling my son-in-law did with water-based strain  used to color the dinosaurs and the trees.
Number Snake Number Snake

I made this number snake for my grandson Josh for his third birthday.  It has ten parts numbered 1 to 10.

I used food coloring for the dye.  So if his younger brother Evan decides to chew on it, no problem!

The numbers were pasted on.
Baby Dragon Chewing on its tail

A cute little puzzle from Fantasy & Legend Scroll Saw Puzzles by Judy & Dave Petersen.

I've had a few copies of this puzzle blow out the tail if you're not careful.
Baby dragon chewing on its tail