Papa Frank's Woodworking
Rattles in oak and maple-walnut
Whenever someone I know has a baby, I usually will make a rattle as a gift.  Here are some sample of rattles I've made - the one on the left is white oak and the right one is walnut and maple.  These are not dainty baby rattles - they are built for a baby to use them.  Therefore, they are 1) large enough so the child can't choke on them and 2) built so the child can beat them without fear.

Here's my grandson, Sam, with his rattle.  He didn't get to keep it for long because while he could hold it up, he also used it to bong himself on the head.

Below left is a picture of the rattle I made for a co-worker's daughter, Elizabeth, below.  The rattle is maple with burn marks to hide where I made the joint.
My Grandson Sam and the Rattle I made for him
Baby rattle Elizabeth Speer