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The Vegetable Bin
Vegetable bin burned

The story of the vegtable bin starts with my co-worker at the time, TK Kearney, announcing that his house had burned. The only lost of life was the two family dogs.  However, everything in the house was a total lost.

But one of the prized possessions was a vegetable bin that TK's wife had picked up at a country fair in Arkansas in the mid 70's.  TK asked me if I could build a replacement.  I told him I would but that the replacement would be made of white oak in place of pine and would be built to furniture-grade standards, not screwed together.  I also did it for the cost of the materials only.

What you see to the left is a picture of the original and the replacement below.

I asked TK to take pictures of the burned relic with a measuring stick in the picture so I could get sizes and proportions.

TK and his son picked up the vegetable bin on Memorial Day and took it home after stopping to get cook books and vegetables to put in it.  TK managed to surprise her - in fact, she was speechless and in tears.

Replacement Vegetable Bin